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The ecosystem in recent times had tremendously witnessed a dramatic change in its natural formations. These alterations according to contemporary scholars in this twenty first century regards it as Green House affects (GHC). Otherwise called climate change. It is interesting to understand that this magnitude of conflicts that were witnessed in Africa in recent times were as a result of the alterations in the ecosystem called the green-house effects or climate change. Many research and conferences had been conducted and held on the phenomena under study, which xray the causes of climate change and the process of mitigating its globally. Africa is the epicenter of climate change. The devastating effects of climate change in Africa is conflicts and untold hardships according to reported findings. The findings also revealed that the causations to these Greenhouse effects includes gas flaring, smoking, burning of fossil fuels automotive emissions, over grassing among others. In other to stop the exacerbation of this phenomenon, many proactive measures had been suggested to cushion the menacing effects of this enigma called climate change like good governance, new methods of farm/grazing to boost food producing among others. The study is optimistic that if these measures are adhered to, it will go a long way in mitigating climate change and conflicts in Africa. 

Keywords: Climate Change, Conflict, Greenhouse Effects, Ecosystem. 

Prof. EMMANUEL Amos Umana, FNIM, FCIARB, FCIMC, CFE (USA) And Paul Robinson
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