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Guides For Paper Submission

  1. Author shall receive two hard copies of the journal.
  2. Before submission: Please ensure you have read author guidelines and journal's policy for publication. The research paper should adhere to publication guidelines and standard paper layout.
  3. After submission: After submission confirmation massage is displayed with article id and email is sent to corresponding author. Please use the article id for any future communication with us.
  4. You will receive confirmation of your article in less than 24 hours from the date of submission.
  5. Acceptance notification: Review process and acceptance notification takes place between 5 & 7 days from the date of manuscript submission.
  6. All articles are available online to readers.
  7. First submission: The research paper must not be under consideration for review or publication in any other journal.
  8. Manuscript originality: The manuscript must be original creation of authors and not published anywhere earlier.
  9. Lawful content: The research must be free from any unlawful and libelous material that could cause harm to any individual or society.
  10. Academic integrity: Author must ensure integrity of manuscript and follow ethical principles of scientific publishing.
  11. Information authenticity: Author must ensure scientific knowledge, historical data, figures and all other statements confirm to true facts.
  12. Deadline for submission: 25th of every month.
  13. Article should not be more than 15 pages and should be submitted in type written form in 12 font size of Times new Roman and in double line spacing to any of the following email address: [email protected]
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