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The study examined crimes in Nigeria and investigated their menace and proffered remedies to the menace. The study noted that crime is a legal wrong punishable by the state. Furthermore, the study highlighted that crimes has been one significant challenge Nigeria has faced over the years. Furthermore, the study highlighted the different types of crimes that exist in Nigeria, which included violent crimes, property crimes, financial crimes, drugrelated crimes, cybercrimes, corruption, environmental crimes, and terrorism, among others. The study further traced the causes of crimes in Nigeria to include socioeconomic inequality, corruption and governance issues, ethnic and religious tensions, inadequate law enforcement, drug abuse and trafficking, and many more. The study also noted that crime has tremendous effects on people and even society at large, as it affects an individual's social, emotional, and psychological wellness. In addition to causing fear, undermining trust, and upsetting the social order, the study also outlined numerous cases of crimes in Nigeria and stated that crimes in Nigeria are as old as the history of the nation. Furthermore, the study reviewed solutions to crimes in Nigeria and stated that enhancing law enforcement is one of the ways to mitigate crimes in Nigeria. The study concluded that by prioritizing the remedies stated in the study, Nigeria can aspire to create a safer, more prosperous society and attract sustainable investment for long-term development. One of the recommendations was that the Federal Government of Nigeria should priorities the enhancement of law enforcement agencies' capacity and resources to effectively combat crime across the nation.

KEYWORDS: Crimes, Nigeria, Menace and Remedies

Prof. EMMANUEL Amos Umana, FNIM, FCIARB, FCIMC, CFE (USA). Daniel Thomas Esq. LL.M And Oluchukwu Precious Obioma, Ph.D.
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