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The study assessed innovations in textile manufacture. Manufactured fibers are made in factories from material that are not in fiber form. For example, Nylon fibers are made using petroleum (oil) or natural gas air and water. Manufactured fibers are widely used in clothing. They are found in every other aspect of modern life, for example tires for all kinds of vehicles are made from manufactured fibers. Nylon polyester, are aramid account for two thirds of the tire market. Micro fibres are made of threads that are spun new very tightly and are therefore extremely fine. Such fabrics are usually always light – weight, durable and water repellent. Micro fibre can be used alone to produce 100 percent manufactured fabrics or woven in blends with cotton, linen and other natural fibres.

KEYWORDS: Innovation, Textile and Manufacture.

Myrtle Usen IBOKETTE, Ph.D, And Roseline Williams AKPAN, Ph.D
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