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The integration of social media into organization meetings has become a strategic imperative in a region where connectivity and engagement are paramount. From pre-meeting preparations to post-meeting discussions, these digital tools are reshaping the way organizations interact, collaborate, and communicate with stakeholders. The study analyzed the place of social media in organization meeting. The study revealed that as the digital evolution continue, embracing the potential of social media in meetings can drive innovation, inclusivity, and meaningful outcomes for businesses of all scales. Social media in organization meetings aid in creating connections and building relationships that extend beyond the meeting room. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, insights, and information beyond the confines of the meeting. The study reviewed the types of social media platforms in organization meetings, the how social media promotes organization meeting, the challenges faced in the use of social media for an organization meeting, the benefits of social media in organizational meetings and the digital revolution and its impact on business dynamics. The study concluded that social media has a significant place in organizational meetings, transforming introductions into proactive exchanges and references into dynamic, real-time resources. When harnessed thoughtfully, social media can enhance networking, collaboration, and decision-making, fostering a more connected and informed meeting environment. However, careful consideration must be given to privacy, relevance, and inclusivity to ensure that the benefits of social media are maximized while minimizing potential challenges. One of the recommendations made was that

KEYWORDS: Social-media, and Organization Meeting

Ngozi Comfort OMOJUNIKANBI, Ph.D And Linus J. LUKE, Ph.D
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