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Public relations practice holds significant implications for organizations' reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and public perception. Effective public relations can enhance business growth, promote transparency, and contribute to sustainable development. The study analyzed public relations practice and community relations the implications and challenges. Public relations involve strategic communication efforts aimed at establishing and maintaining favorable relationships between organizations and their various stakeholders. Community relations focuses on building and nurturing relationships between organizations and the communities in which they operate. The ultimate goal of public and community relations is to establish a strong sense of shared values and trust within the local community. The study revealed the challenges faced by both public and community relations, which were known to be a lack of professionalism in the media, political manipulation of communication, cultural diversity, economic instability, inadequately skilled professionals, and issues of trust. These challenges hinder transparent communication and require strategic efforts to mitigate their impact on reputation management. The study concluded that the fields of public relations practice and community relations hold paramount importance for organizations aiming to foster positive relationships, enhance reputation, and contribute to both their stakeholders and local communities. This paper has explored the concepts, implications, and challenges associated with these fields, particularly in the context of Nigeria. Public relations practices serve as a strategic tool for managing an organization's reputation and establishing transparent communication channels. Community relations play a vital role in establishing connections with local communities. One of the recommendations made was that organizations should adopt a holistic approach that integrates both public relations practice and community relations into their strategic planning. Aligning these efforts can lead to cohesive communication strategies that resonate with both external stakeholders and local communities. 

KEYWORDS: Public Relations Practice, Community Relations, Implications and Challenge

Wilson N. THOMAS, Ph.D AND Ngozi Comfort OMOJUNIKANBI, Ph.D
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