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This paper concerns on studying syntax with a linguistic dynamic system methodology with copious examples. The study of syntax includes the investigation of the relations between sentences that are similar, as well as the arrangement of words in sentences, clauses, and phrases. Many linguists argued that grammatical construction is any syntactic string of words, ranging from sentences over phrasal structures to certain complex lexemes, such as phrasal verbs. Usage-based linguists and psychologists have produced a large body of studies suggesting that linguistic structure is derived from language use and the emergent of usage-based studies of language, the frequency of language use is extremely of important. The paper outlines a structured network approach to the study of grammar in which the core concepts of syntax are analyzed by a set of relations that specify associations between different aspects of a speaker’s linguistic knowledge. These associations are shaped by domain-general processes that can give rise to new structures and meanings in language acquisition and language change. Combining research from linguistics and psychology, the paper proposes specific network analyses for the following phenomena: constructions and argument structure. However, the paper concluded that there is no consensus in the usage-based literature as to how the experts can explain and integrate results into a coherent model, making the analysis of syntactic phenomena indistinct in this methodology. Also linguistic structure is best analyzed within a dynamic system model of grammar. One of the recommendations made was that there is need for sequential relations, which are associations between linguistic elements in linear order that have developed into automated processing units.

KEYWORDS: Usage-based linguistics, emergent grammar, construction grammar, syntax, and domain- general processes.

Aniekan NYARKS, Ph.D & Aniedi Friday ETIM
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