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The study was to assess computer and its implication in the society. Despite the fact that computers have made things easier, they also have some disadvantages as well. For example, secretaries are finding that when they are applying for a job, it’s essential to have experience of using a computer. In this competitive world, instead of people who have the talent to handwrite text manually, such people are being replaced by word processors. Many other people are losing their jobs and are being replaced by robots. The study discovered that most people are so used to computers that they are addicted to them, which is not very good. Although computers are more accurate and neat, if they go wrong, people can run into serious problems. For example, a company could store all their data on a computer. If this computer got a virus or, for any other reason, was not able to start up, then the company would face a very big problem as to what to do. This is one of the downfalls of computers in today’s society. Despite this, society would be a dull and primitive place; there would have been no cure for diseases, good entertainment, transportation, or communication links without the help of a computer. One of the recommendations made was that people who use the computer frequently should always block out distracting websites for a set amount of time and focus on single tasks for 25 minutes at a piece in order to get rid of computer addiction.

KEYWORDS: Computer and Its Implication

John H. MARK, PhD
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